Two renaissance cherubs contemplating the assumption of the Virgin Mary into Heaven.

Two Renaissance cherubs contemplating the assumption of the Virgin Mary into Heaven.

Angels and angel-like beings have always fascinated me. In studying art history it became clear that the way angels have been portrayed in art has changed greatly over the centuries.

In reading literature, I noticed that many of our ideas about angels come from Shakespeare and other writers and mystics, not actually from religion.

In studying other religions, anthropology, mythology, and folk tales, I learned that a belief in beings who look and act much like angels is traditional in many cultures around the world.

This site is dedicated to my mother and sisters, who love angels.

This is a nondenominations site that respects all religions and spiritual belief systems. Although for various reasons, such as availability, the majority of the art will tend to be Christian, we do not claim to represent the beliefs of any particular religious group.

Please remember that if you see or read things about angels on this site that do not fit in with your belief system. Learning about others’ beliefs about angels can be fun and enlightening.

If you know of any copyright-free angel art that represents other religious beliefs, please leave a comment (with a link to the source or more information if possible) and let us know. We are always looking for more images.

If you like Angel Words and Art, please send a link to your friends.

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