Nine Days With St. Michael The Archangel:: A Powerful Catholic Novena

“Nine Days With St. Michael The Archangel: A Powerful Catholic Novena” brings to you some of the Catholic Church’s most potent prayers in nine easy days honoring St. Michael The Archangel.

Designed to give the reader in about seven to nine minutes a day an opportunity to call upon the very defender of all things heavenly: St. Michael. The Holy Bible is full of references to his leadership in God’s heavenly army.

Recently, Pope Francis along with Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI recently consecrated the Vatican City State to St. Michael and to St. Joseph. Should we not also do the same for our families, homes, and places of work?

It is purposely priced inexpensively because it is a very short ebook and in addition it allows the purchaser to gift numerous copies inexpensively to their loved ones.

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